Abandoned Ukrainian Pidhirtsi Castle’s Attraction

Location: Ukraine, Pidhirtsi

The Pidhirtsi Castle (1635–1640) is a late Renaissance and Baroque architectural relic that is encircled by fortifications.

Pidhirtsi Castle, which is close to the Pidhirtsi village in the Lviv region, is one of the most popular castles in Ukraine. The village itself is tiny, occupying a mere 2.5 square kilometers of land (just under one square mile).

Ukraine is a land of myths and enchantment. The castle at Pidhirsti is among the most fascinating locations. It is also regarded as one of Ukraine’s most eerie castles.

The Podgoretsky family, who acquired ownership of this area in 1530, initially constructed a defensive yard enclosed by a wall made of sizable rocks. However, no plans to erect a fortress there existed until Stanisaw Koniecpolski acquired the site in 1633.

A gorgeous castle with a bloody history rests on the grassy fields of Pidhirtsi, Ukraine, a troubled region that experienced significant political conflict.

The Polish-Soviet War saw multiple sieges of Pidhirtsi Castle. The castle was converted into a tuberculosis sanitarium following World War II, when the former Polish area was ceded to Ukraine. Then, in 1956, a fire came close to destroying it.

Castle of Pidhirtsi Terraced Park

The Italian-style terraced park, with with pathways and fountains, was the castle’s standout feature. For relaxation, there were sculptures and stone arbors, as well as flowerbeds designed to resemble decorative patterns and tiled walks.

The park included three terraces, the last of which housed an exotic tree greenhouse. Two marble plaques in Latin that read “Wreath of effort – victory, victory – triumph, triumph – rest” were used to embellish the front gate.

Lviv Museum : Private Museum of the Pidhirtsi Castle

A private museum was established in the castle by 1939. Prince Roman Sangushko removed nearly all of the castle’s contents before the Second World War began; some of them wound up in So Paulo (Brazil). The castle housed German military personnel during the war, and as a result, the palace sustained significant damage and was repeatedly burglarized.

In 1997, Pidhirtsi castle was added to the Lviv Museum at Boris Voznytsky’s request. Currently, only a small number of halls are accessible to guests; one of them leads to a lovely balcony with a lovely view.

A private museum was established inside the castle in 1894, when the Sanguszko family was the proprietors.

Due to its proximity to the front line when the First World War started, the castle suffered significant damage. Prince Roman Sanguszko was able to move some of the castle’s collections to Brazil and Romania before departing after the war because he understood the threat posed by both the Nazis and the Soviets.

Within the castle, a division of the Lviv Historical Museum debuted in 1940. Sadly, the castle suffered significant damage during World War II, and numerous museum items were destroyed.

The castle museum closed in 1947, and a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients was established in its place two years later. Pidhirtsi Castle was renovated, the grounds were rearranged, and a large number of outbuildings were constructed in the park for this reason.

Sadly, most of the inside of the castle was destroyed by a big fire that broke out in 1956 and burnt for three weeks. Whether the sanitorium remained open until the 1990s in some type of medical facility or whether it permanently closed after then is unclear from the sources. In any case, the Lviv National Art Gallery opened a branch there in 1997.

Pidhirtsi Castle is stunning even though it appears to be abandoned and has not been renovated. Strong defensive walls, a stunning palace, and amazing stucco on the walls all suggest that this location once dazzled with riches and style and was the center of attention in the region.

What is the ghost of pidhirtsi Castle Called?

lady in white

The ghost of a mystery woman in white, who is claimed to still haunt the castle, is the subject of legends. Maria Zhevuska, Zhevuski Duke’s wife, is thought to be the name of the lady. Apart from its eerie past, the castle is enormous and has undergone numerous restorations.

When was the pidhirtsi castle built?


By Stanisaw Koniecpolski, Grand Crown Hetman of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, it was built by Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan between 1635 and 1640 on the site of the earlier fortification.

Is pidhirtsi castle still standing?

Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine’s Lviv Oblast

It was acquired by the Lviv Art Gallery in 1997 and turned into a museum after standing unused for decades. The gallery is attempting to bring Pidhirtsi back to its former splendor, despite the fact that the castle is still in relatively bad state. (18 September 2020)

How To Visit Pidhirtsi Castle

From the heart of Lviv, Pidhirtsi Castle is roughly an hour’s drive away. The easiest but most expensive option is to take a taxi. You can use the inexpensive but challenging public transit if you don’t speak Ukrainian.

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