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Snaefell Miracle Motorcycle with a Sidecar

Who is the owner of original project of Snaefell

The original motorcycle, a 1976 Laverda 1000 cc, served as inspiration for the name of the mutant monster, which remained Laverda. Knorreck started by designing his ideal vehicle on a computer, after which he got to work, traveling solely with an aluminum frame and roughly 63 pieces of polyester and carbon fiber. The car is stunning and beautifully completed. The general layout is intriguing, especially since it resulted in a really unique vehicle.

In 1976, François Knorreck, a French rider with a penchant for customizing things, purchased a Laverda and transformed it into a stylish sportbike. He rode the bike with complete satisfaction up until 1993, when he started to consider a new project and felt the urge to build once again.

After more than 10 years of work, the Snaefell, a Laverda-based sidecar outfit, was born. It shows off some amazing design and construction talents.

The tires are from an Audi 80, the brake system is from a VW Golf GTI, and the headlights and turn signals are made by BMW and Renault. The electrical system, however, is brand-new because he invented it. The taillights are from a Citroen Xantia, while the headlights are from a Kawasaki 1000 RX motorbike. And the interior is really stunning, with exceptional finishes and incredibly cozy and handcrafted furnishings.

The frame, electrical harness, and, of course, the incredible body of the Snaefell are all hand-built, and 63 molds were used to create the parts made of polyester or carbon fiber. Renault, Citroen, BMW, VW, and Audi all provided parts. The total cost of the 10,000-hour project is about 15,000 euros, or roughly $21,000 at the current exchange rate.

Additionally, the logo is just as unique as the complete creation: a F with teeth tilted to the left and beginning as if from K, clearly François Knorreck’s initials.

Francois Knorreck has committed crimes before. He developed the first amphibious motorcycle in 2007, using it to cross the Loire in France.

The original 1000cc Laverda triple provides the engine’s power, and a matching triple exhaust exits out the back of the bodywork. With seatbelts, the interior resembles a factory-built vehicle. The door swings open in Lamborghini fashion. Simply amazing job.

The aforementioned new sidecar-equipped motorcycle, which is most likely not for sale and for which the bike’s designer was excessively rewarded, is equipped with a convoluted exhaust system. A triplet of pipes serves as its representation. The fancy doors trailer features a motorcycle side.

Complex projects like these, where the builder performs so many different tasks expertly in his free time, never cease to astound me. All overall excellent work.

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