Gorgeous Kellogg Mansion in Florida Before and After it’s Demolished

W. K. Kellogg was not the first nor the last owner of the Kellogg Mansion. Edward Frischkorn erected his residence in 1925. Frischkorn built Dunedin Isles between 1925 and 1929. His original designs involved creating five islands.

Kellogg Mansion Before Demolished

A lavish Tampa Bay residence that was formerly owned by W.K. Kellogg, the well-to-do cereal tycoon and creator of Corn Flakes, is slated for demolition.

The “Kellogg Mansion” in Dunedin, which is located at 129 Buena Vista Drive South, was constructed in 1925, at the height of the Roaring ’20s, and as you can see from the images, the designs largely differ from room to room. No of the age, old money flourishes are everywhere.

Nearly every doorway has a tile mosaic of an old king above it. Gold embellishments at the ends of columns. Large stained glass windows let light shine through dark wood study furniture. It is stunning but it is passing quickly from this earth.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the house has been bought and a request for a demolition permit has been made. We may anticipate that these frescoes and painted flooring will be replaced with some all-white marble monstrosity, wasting valuable space with a huge and lifeless grand foyer, given our knowledge of Florida real estate. If you’ve ever gone to a lawyer’s residence, you know the routine.

The 7,667-square-foot house has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an antique bar, a glass-domed ceiling in the gaming room, a private roof terrace, a hot tub, a deep water dock, and 300 feet of seawall along St. Joseph’s Sound.

According to a 1934 article that Tampa Bay Times was able to obtain, Kellogg bought the house after his business successfully navigated the Great Depression, and it was the largest real estate deal in the region at the time.

According to legend, Kellogg, who passed away in 1951, created Corn Flakes while employed at his family’s sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan. Although he created the flakes in secret, he let sanitarium visitors watch him work. One of them was a man named C.W. Post, who, according to legend, later stole his invention and founded Post Consumer Brands, which eventually became General Mills.

Kellogg Mansion After Demolished

After demolition, virtual reality saved Kellogg mansion.

Kellogg lived only three winters in Dunedin, but his mansion became famous.The mansion’s structure deteriorated over time. Destroying the Kellogg mansion.

USF’s digital heritage team plotted and photographed the mansion before its demolition.

Using virtual reality, you may tour the rooms and the years.The rebuilt Kellogg home is now accessible to visitors.

USF’s Lori Collins: “The public can feel like they’re in the house and landscape as it was.”The walking tour displays the residence from 1926 until 2016

“Sliding back and forth between eras is a new way of looking at cultural preservation,” Collins said.

It wouldn’t have been noticed without preservation. Virtually, the Kellogg mansion still stands, even if it’s gone from Dunedin.

Contact the Dunedin Public Library to see Kellogg Mansion 3D.

Questions you may Asked

Kellogg Mansion Dunedin Address

Dunedin’s 129 Buena Vista Drive S belonged to Kellogg

Kellogg Mansion Battle Creek

Will Keith Kellogg had the W.K. Kellogg House constructed as a private residence in Battle Creek, Michigan, at 1 Monroe Street.

Was Kellogg’s mansion demolished?

The Dunedin Kellogg Mansion was eventually destroyed despite efforts to save it. Bulldozers only needed a few days to level the historic building after it had stood for nearly 100 years.

How much is the Kellogg family worth?

On November 14, 2022, Kellogg had a net worth of $23.54 billion.

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