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Former Nurse Starts Dog Hospice to Provide Love in Their Last Moments

Sometimes, families who can’t afford to take care of their sick and old dogs decide to give them away. These dogs, who have had happy lives, end up alone and scared in a shelter.

Imagine not knowing why you’re left behind and spending your last days all by yourself.

A retired nurse named Nicola Coyne decided to do something about this. She started The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project. She takes in dying dogs that were left by their owners and makes sure they feel loved for the rest of their lives.

Nicola lives in Nottingham, UK. She goes to shelters nearby and adopts two old sick dogs at a time. Usually, she adopts dogs that have only 6 months or less to live. The longest she had a dog was about a year, and the shortest was two weeks.

She also helps the dogs do things they really enjoy, like having parties, going to the beach, eating yummy steak dinners, and even having ice cream from McDonald’s.

A charity she helps a lot said they are really thankful to Nicola. She takes care of their neediest dogs with a lot of love. Nicola spends up to £500 ($610) on each dog. She uses her own money and donations she gets for her nonprofit organization.

“It can make me very sad, but someone needs to do it,” Nicola says. “I love animals a lot, and I can’t stand the idea of them spending their last days, weeks, or months without the love they deserve. It can be hard, but it’s very nice when you can make those times special.”

When the dogs pass away, she has them cremated and buried in a special place at her home in Nottingham. “It can be really sad, but someone has to do it,” says Nicola.

Joanne Snaith, from Helping Yorkshire Poundies, says, “Nicola does an amazing job. She takes in dogs when their owners have given up on them, especially when they’re about to pass away. She gives them love and care they never had before. I really admire The Grey Muzzle Project.”

Nicola thinks she has taken care of about 30 dogs so far and helped them through their final days.

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