Due to a skin condition, the dog completely changes from black to white over the course of two years.

Photo: mythja/Depositphotos (Not an actual photo of Buster the dog.)

Seeing a dog mature and change is one of the cutest parts of having one. Many grow multiple times larger while transitioning from mischievous small puppies to devoted pets. The adjustments were rather different for a dog by the name of Buster. Buster’s fur has totally transformed from black to white during the past 2.5 years.

The procedure was recorded by Matt Smith, Buster’s human. When Buster was just two years old in late 2021, vitiligo was identified in the dog. This autoimmune illness that causes patches of skin to lose color or pigmentation is the cause of this skin problem. Following his visit to the veterinarian, Smith was informed that Buster’s health was normal and to watch out for any new skin conditions or irritations.

At first, Buster’s vitiligo appeared as patches around his chin and eyes. His face was practically white in less than nine months, giving him the look of a puppy who played in the snow a little too long. Smith kept taking diligent pictures of his dog because he wanted to document the improvements.

Buster appears entirely altered, nearly two years after his diagnosis. Buster’s color gradually disappears from Smith’s photos, first from around his face and then from the rest of his body. He had a border collie-like appearance at one time, with the black pigment just visible on the sides of his body. Then he began to look like a black-spotted Dalmatian. Smith wrote, “He would lose his black fur and new white fur would come in.” “So, until his new, fluffy white fur grew in, there was a period of time when he was balding in certain areas.”

The 4-year-old dog is now all white instead of being a fully black puppy. Individuals suffering from vitiligo have conveyed their fondness for this dog, with some even making astute allusions to popular culture. Is Buster’s toner running short on ink? One Redditor described him as going from “Buster the Gray” to “Buster the White,” drawing a comparison between him and Gandalf’s journey. Others brought up the vitiligo diagnosis of Michael Jackson. This endearing analogy was summed up by a Redditor as “He protects. He attacks.” Above all, though, He He.

Introducing Buster, a canine with vitiligo.

Buster’s vitiligo initially manifested as spots around his chin and eyes.

Buster’s fur has totally transformed from black to white during the past 2.5 years.

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