1980s BenDera Ford : Man who built his own Car

How the wackiest Ford ever was constructed by an American electrician You’ve been looking for the perfect car, but none have caught your eye. Make the decision to build your own car like American John Bender, a technician and mechanic. Sadly, his attempt at a vehicle bender was not very successful. In the end, the […]

Snaefell Miracle Motorcycle with a Sidecar

Who is the owner of original project of Snaefell The original motorcycle, a 1976 Laverda 1000 cc, served as inspiration for the name of the mutant monster, which remained Laverda. Knorreck started by designing his ideal vehicle on a computer, after which he got to work, traveling solely with an aluminum frame and roughly 63 […]

1960s American Dream Car Herb Adams’ Pontiac Vivant : Another Lost Adams Car

Finding Lost Herb Adams “Vivant” So, in the March 2009 issue of the HCC Lost & Found, which is currently on newsstands and in mailboxes, we included a handful of Robert Werner’s images of his most recent find, an unidentified two-seater with an aluminum body and a Pontiac engine. It appears that this was a […]

Old Man who Breaks World Record 36 years after Death : Story of the World’s Fastest Indian

The movie World’s Fastest Indian is both about racing and a remarkable life tale. And one that is genuine. Burt Munro actually existed, and despite being short on both time and resources, he nonetheless set speed records.