Once Abandoned Lynnewood Hall in Elkins Park Philadelphia

Lynnewood Hall is the Greatest Surviving Gilded Age mansions Falls Into Disrepair after 25 Years in Elkins Park philadelphia This magnificent example of the Neo-Classical Revival style is regarded as one of the finest Gilded Age houses still standing. The majestic house fell into disrepair due to a complicated and tragic history, but it still […]

Isle of Wight’s Abandoned Appuldurcombe House

On the Isle of Wight, there are a number of eerie manor houses, but Appuldurcombe House’s ancient ruins are reputed to be among the island’s most haunted. Overview of Appuldurcombe House The Appuldurcombe House was built on a site with a rich history that dates back to the eleventh century. The first Norman king of […]

England’s Haunted Ham House is Even a Filming Location of John Carter

A mile or so from Richmond, on the banks of the River Thames, is where you’ll find Ham House. Being one of the allegedly most haunted homes in the nation, it never fails to impress and is conveniently accessible as a quick day trip from London. London’s Ham House is adjacent to the River Thames. […]

Ancient City of Ani in Eastern Turkey : A Forgotten Ghost City

People who romanticized the ruins increased migration to Armenia from Europe in the 19th century due to increasing interest in the city of Ani. But as the First World War got underway, recreational travel in the region came to an end, and the place was once more abandoned. The historic city was given public access by the Turkish Ministry of Culture in 2004, after which more than 34,000 people visit it each year.

Abandoned Carleton Island Villa for Over 70 Years

Back in the day, the Bau├žay family, lords of Loudun, wrote a fairy tale with a moat, turrets, and towers in Les Trois- Moutiers, France, which is now a deserted and abandoned building. Later, ownership passed from one person to another, and the castle survived the French Revolution’s looting until 1932, when a fire mostly […]