Artist’s Stunning Land Art Highlights the Magnificence of Natural Materials

Wales-based artist Jon Foreman creates breathtaking land art pieces that delve into the peaceful power of the natural world. “As an escape from the stresses of everyday life,” he creates art. In one of his most recent pieces, Manifold Spiral, Foreman constructs a kind of rock refuge using materials that are available on the site.

Built with help from Terence Wakefield and Osk, Manifold Spiral is a circular creation made of precisely placed rocks off the shore of Pembrokeshire, Wales. On a beach, this well arranged coil of minerals is tucked in between other pebbles that have sunk into the sand. Warm, brilliant sunlight streams along the seashore in the distance. The image is given a fluffy feel by the clouds dancing in the sky above and the waves rippling in the background.

Foreman highlights the inherent beauty of Mother Nature even more by gathering stones that he finds in the surrounding environment. His meticulously created compositions all have the impression of sea life that has washed up on the beach and taken root in a sand bed.

An artist and his earthly materials have a relationship when the artist walks the ground gathering stones and arranges them in the desired pattern, which might be a spiral resembling the Golden Ratio, a geometric shape with colors matched, or just a plain circle. The transience of time and the unpredictable nature of nature affect how long an artist’s work lasts. He completely accepts the danger that a powerful wave that crashes upon the coast could alter the composition. Together with these natural resources, the erratic and fleeting nature motivates Foreman to respect nature’s captivating qualities. Thankfully, short films and photos allow the majority of people to appreciate the scope of his output.

The land artist concentrates on “different” components that combine to form miniature landscapes. His work is immensely meditative, finding new meaning in everything from mud and rocks to leaves and tree roots. Foreman explores with a variety of creative elements, including materials, installation location, scale, and texture. His imaginative vision is limitless.

You can follow Foreman on Instagram to keep up with his artwork. Prints of his artwork are also available via his SmugMug store.

Land artist Jon Foreman crafts beautiful works out of a variety of natural materials.

Foreman highlights the variety of art materials that can be found in nature by using stones, shells, and other natural components of different sizes, shapes, and textures.

His creations, which are frequently made in close proximity to bodies of water, are subject to the erratic actions of the natural world.

Foreman’s miniature landscapes offer visual stories that address the interaction between people and the natural world.

Simple geometric shapes combine to produce meditative compositions that instantly transport you to a calm and peaceful place.

Even a little film that covers a number of his works from the previous year exists.

Jon Foreman:  Website | Facebook | Instagram

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