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One of our favorite family hangouts in the Dublin region is the Wonderful Russborough House and Gardens, so if you’re looking for a quick and enjoyable day trip nearby, I recommend making plans for a visit there.

Russborough House is one of Ireland’s most exquisite homes, was constructed between 1741 and 1750. It is one of the best maintained 18th century structures in the nation and offers stunning views of the Wicklow Mountains and Blessington Lakes.

One of Ireland’s best guided house tours may be found in Russborough. The tour will leave you feeling inspired with so much to admire, from the magnificence of the nearly 300-year-old Lafranchini ceilings & stucco work to the great collections of paintings, tapestries, china, furniture, and silver. It is perfect for art enthusiasts, historians, and curious passersby.

We discovered that we had heard of the house before when we inquired about it. The last private owners of the home, Sir Alfred & Lady Beit, who had originally purchased the property so they could display their art collection, had a number of the significant paintings on display in the Irish National Gallery, including their paintings by Vermeer, Metsu, and Goya. 12 artworks were initially taken during an IRA raid in 1974.

All of them had recovered. Martin Cahill, commonly known as “The General,” a notorious Dublin burglar, organized yet another burglary in 1986. All except two of the paintings were found. Some of the most expensive of the works were then given to the National Gallery as a result.

The Beits, who belonged to the De Beer diamond family, were of German and South African descent. In 1952, Sir Alfred Beit acquired the property. Before they were elevated to nobility, the Leeson family, the Earls of Milltown, made their fortune from their Dublin breweries.

It was designed by Irish architect Richard Cassells, who also created several significant structures in Dublin, including the Rotunda Hospital and Leinster House, as well as another well-known Stately Home close to Dublin, Powerscourt House. The first Earl of Milltown, Joseph Leeson, had it constructed between 1741 and 1755.

Through the knowledge of outstanding local tour guides, the mansion continues to exist for guests to appreciate despite having survived burglaries in the 1970s and 1980s and a fire in 2010. Each wheelchair-accessible guided tour lasts for almost an hour.

Along with paintings from the famed Sir Alfred Beit collection, the home also features original artwork that the First Earl of Milltown commissioned in the 1740s.

A self-guided display that Sir Alfred Beit shot during his global travels in 1924 and 1925, including a ton of amazing 3D images of people and places from the early 1920s, is available to go along with the guided tour. In addition, a new exhibition depicts 100 years of life at Russborough, including the owners, residents, and workers of the “Big House” as well as the numerous incidents that shaped the 200-acre estate’s history and heritage between 1916 and 2016 such as robberies, fires, parties, country fairs, famous visitors, and the restoration of significant historical features.

Outside the house and exhibition center, there are parkland and woodland trails, a lovely rhododendron garden that blooms every May and early June, a 4-acre 18th-century walled garden that volunteers from the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland are restoring, a 20,000-square-foot beech maze, a children’s playground, and a fairy trail. For those interested in crafts, there are on-site artisans with a variety of skills, including blacksmith

Regular sheepdog demonstrations are given by a local sheep farmer and a bird of prey center during the summer. After all the strolling, playing, tours, and exhibitions, the central reception area features a retail shop and award-winning tea rooms where you can relax and enjoy a light lunch or just tea and coffee. There is plenty of on-site, secure parking.

Here are some FAQs you may ask from us :

Historical context of Russborough House

It was constructed between 1741 and 1748 according to Richard Castle’s plans for Joseph Leeson, who went on to become the First Earl of Milltown and an avid art collector. Captain Denis Daly purchased the home in 1931, and Sir Alfred Beit, who is renowned for bringing the Beit art collection to the home, purchased it in 1951.

Who lived in Russborough House?

The 4th Earl’s grandson Edmund Russborough Turton acquired Russborough in 1891, and the Turton family owned it until Captain Denis Daly purchased it in 1931.

When was Russborough built?

Russborough, one of the most recognizable structures of Georgian Ireland, was created by Richard Castle and constructed between 1742 and 1752.

How many times was Russborough House robbed?

Four times, pieces of the Russborough collection have been stolen. These thefts include those committed in 1974 by an IRA crew that included British heiress Rose Dugdale, in 1986 by Martin Cahill (also known as “The General”), and in 2001 and 2002 by Martin Foley, a friend of Martin Cahill. How to get to

What paintings were stolen from Russborough?

Armed members of the Irish Republican Army took Lady Writing with her Maid by Vermeers from Sir Alfred Beit’s Russborough House, outside Dublin, on April 27, 1974, together with paintings by Goya, two Gainsboroughs, three Rubens, and twelve other artists.

Russborough House and its location

Blessington, County Wicklow, is home to Russborouigh House. It is conveniently located on the N81 and about 20 kilometers south of Dublin.

There are plenty of parking places available, and once inside, it’s simple to get around on foot.

Tickets are required for entry into the estate; official pricing and booking information may be found here.

Russborough House Activities to do

The Russborough estate is sizable, including more than 200 acres of parkland.

It’s simple to spend the day there just coming in, getting a cup of coffee from the tea shop, and letting the kids run wild in the spacious playground, but I strongly advise you to do more and take use of the activities on offer.

Take a tour of Russborough House

You will truly like the tour of the interior of the house, a great, elegant home with incredible rooms and furniture, if you enjoy fine homes and interiors.

Every item in the collection, including English chairs, Spanish carpets, and Italian marbles, has a fascinating history that serves as a window into the past (Marie Antoinette even received a microscope on her wedding day!).

Russborough House Birds of Prey

A quality Bird of Prey Center is housed right next to the main house at Russborough House.

This National Bird of Prey facility is a terrific way to learn about birds and get up up and personal with some of them, under the safe supervision of the local staff. It is home to birds from all over the world, including owls, falcons, and hawks.

The birds, which are maintained in cages around the yard’s edge on perches in the middle, make a striking sight.

Russborough Playground and Maze

The garden beyond the cafe, where there is a sizable, well-equipped playground and a maze, is the most kid-friendly portion of the Russborough estate.

Are dogs allowed at Russborough House?

Russborough welcomes dogs, however we ask that you always keep your canine companions on a leash. NOTE: Only non-commercial private usage of personal photography is permitted on the premises. All organized photo and video shoots for business purposes must be scheduled in advance, and the associated price must be paid.

How much is Russborough House Worth?

Russborough House is appraised by the foundation’s committee of management at about €44 million for insurance purposes, according to the accounts, yet only €4.27 million is listed under “assets” in the books of account.

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