An astonishingly youthful-looking 60-year-old woman wins the title of “Miss Buenos Aires” at an Argentine beauty pageant

In the eyes of Alejandra Rodríguez, age is just a number. The 60-year-old Argentinean woman won the title of “Miss Buenos Aires” in a recent beauty pageant. The good news is that she will still be able to compete because she has been invited to participate in the national competition, Miss Universe Argentina. Should she emerge victorious, she will go to Miss Universe representing her nation.

Rodríguez could only take part after the pageant eliminated the age restriction set when the competition was first launched in 1958. Up until then, competitors could only be women between the ages of 18 and 28. Currently, the only prerequisite for competitors is their legal age. At her pageant, Rodríguez wasn’t even the oldest competitor; the other contestants ranged in age from 18 to 73. A 55-year-old friend of hers who was a model persuaded her to register.

The new Miss Buenos Aires had no prior modeling experience. Rather, she is a journalism and law graduate who works in a hospital’s legal department and occasionally does civil and family law freelance work. She did, however, compete in a beauty pageant in the ski resort town of Bariloche when she was seventeen, hoping to win, and she placed first runner-up.

“Back in my day and in my social circle, you had to study; what was expected of me was that I would go to college, that I would get a degree,” recalls Rodríguez. She has also said that she had to get over “stereotypes and prejudice” before entering the competition. “Nothing related to this was ever among my goals. And now this opportunity came up and I found it a very interesting challenge.”

In response to a question concerning the source of her seemingly youthful appearance, Rodríguez gives credit to her organic, vegetarian diet, without going overboard. She visits the gym three times a week as well. Rodríguez has made jokes about how her lack of children and divorce may contribute to her attractiveness.

“As a result of all of this, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from friends, people who are inspired like, ‘if she’s 60 and she’s doing this, we can do it too.’ They say the 60s of today are the 40s of yesteryear,” Rodríguez says. “It’s a new youth, people are living much longer, they are taking better care of themselves, there is access to other opportunities. There is a new paradigm in terms of age.”

Alejandra Rodríguez, 60, is an Argentinean woman who recently won the title of “Miss Buenos Aires” in a beauty pageant.

Rodríguez has never held a modeling position. Rather, she works in a hospital’s legal department and has degrees in media and law.

She will now compete in the national contest, Miss Universe Argentina. Should she emerge victorious, she will go to Miss Universe representing her nation.

Alejandra Rodríguez: Instagram
h/t: [La Nación]

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