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1980s BenDera Ford : Man who built his own Car

How the wackiest Ford ever was constructed by an American electrician

You’ve been looking for the perfect car, but none have caught your eye. Make the decision to build your own car like American John Bender, a technician and mechanic. Sadly, his attempt at a vehicle bender was not very successful. In the end, the car was a little odd.

1980s BenDera Ford
1980s BenDera Ford : Man who built his own Car

Typically, concept cars are vehicles developed by significant automakers to investigate new design and technological possibilities. These prototypes are displayed at important shows to gauge public opinion and assess the viability of the product. However, occasionally something different occurs when strange prototypes of next models are developed by the drivers themselves. John Bender, an American, and his Ford Ben-Dera are one such instance.

It all began when an Ohioan mechanic and electrician made the decision to purchase an automobile that was truly original. “I visited various automobile lots and came to the realization that I wanted to own a dream car. So I decided to make it myself,” later recalled John Bender.

1980s BenDera Ford
1980s BenDera Ford : Man who built his own Car

The American used the Ford Pinto, a generally well-liked model built from 1970 to 1980, as the foundation for his vehicle. But all that was left of the first model was the chassis and its 2.3-liter, 88-horsepower engine. However, the body as a whole was quickly written off.

1980s BenDera Ford
1980s BenDera Ford : Man who built his own Car

The classic “Ford” tin was replaced by “an insane carbon-fiber body with a large glass area and many ornamental embellishments. It is unknown if John Bender enjoyed flying, but it is certain that the aerospace industry had an impact on the strange idea he came up with. Just take a look at the odd “turbines” and “fins” on the roof and the sides of the body.

By the way, all of these, along with two of the six headlights, are just ornamental features. And then the American-painted car’s roof began to sprout solar panels! “Only those businesses who make such panels did not want to send them to me. I have no idea why. Later, Bender acknowledged. Not to mention the doors, which have “gull wings” to mock the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

The ancient Ford’s interior has also undergone significant alterations. An absurd front panel with aviation equipment has taken the place of the traditional American interior. Naturally, this was a set as well, but John Bender didn’t care. As well as the cost and duration of the three-year, $40,000 building of this technological miracle. Such things are unimportant when traveling toward a dream.

1980s BenDera Ford
1980s BenDera Ford : Man who built his own Car

The Ford Ben-Dera project might have been abandoned. But in 1998, a Car and Driver reporter tracked down John Bender and evaluated a distinctive vehicle. Even though the literature about the car was humorous, it depicted “Ben-Deradesigner “‘s as an eccentric dreamer who was obstinately working towards his objective.

By the way, Bender also produced the white car’s replacement. With a 2.8-liter V6 engine and a price that was roughly half that of the original vehicle, this vehicle kept the “space” design. Additionally, she lacked “turbines” on the sides and “fins” on the roof. John claims that a churchgoer once remarked that the car would appear better without these additions.

You already believed that “Ben-Der” had no benefits. However, certain devices actually outperform others in several respects. Everyone is grinning when I look at them, John Bender stated.

The owner said, “Just get behind the wheel for a minute and you’ll understand everything. It’s telling that journalists supported him. They said people started looking when they noticed a car that looked like an airplane on the road, store employees came out to look at a car left in a parking lot, and kids tried to touch it. “See? They are all grinning, and the car makes them happy, John Bender observed with pride.

True, merely grinning in celebration of the Ford Ben-accomplishment Dera’s was obviously insufficient. The Americans were unwilling to pay the $19,750 they requested to produce the second “edition” of the Ford Ben-Dera despite its distinctive design. Ben-mass Dera’s production was therefore out of the question, and the conceptual design was ultimately reduced to a peculiar John Bender toy.

And one of these vehicles was captured on camera in the American woods in 2011. The car, which was already devoid of “fins” and “turbines,” stood in the parking lot covered in snow and rotting since it was abandoned and unneeded.

In Brief:

Ben-Dera Ford

In the 1980s, Ohioan John Bender began designing and constructing his own fantasy automobile. The Ben-Dera is a four-seat coupe with a 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder Ford Pinto engine positioned in the middle.
Based on a tubular space frame chassis with fiberglass body panels that have six headlights, gullwing-style doors, and fake solar panels (inc two dummies).

The second vehicle eliminated the three rear fins, used a 2.8-liter V-6 from a Mercury Bobcat, and added air conditioning. In the early to mid-1980s, according to Bender, he started the four-cylinder automobile and worked on it for around three years and $40,000 total. Because he had the molds created before, the second task required less time.

Bender stated, “I was going to sell them (he last marketed them for $19,750 seven years ago), but I couldn’t find a buyer. “I started to worry that people might sue me.” Will you purchase it?

CarsThatNeverMadeIt claims that it was created in 1988.

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