1948 Gatso, Unusual Dutch Sports Car with Three Headlights

The Gatso “4000” Sport, an intriguing sports automobile from Holland, was one of numerous competitive vehicles powered by Ford V-8s in the previous century. The V-8 was an obvious choice for a power plant for small production, custom-built, and sports automobiles like the Gatso due to its huge advantage of having worldwide servicing and spare […]

Unique1953 Sorrell SR-100 Old Car

American aviation pioneer and inventor William “Bill” Sorrell created the 1953 Sorrell SR-100, a rare and highly sought-after aircraft. Despite its potential, the SR-100 was not a financial success, and only a small number of the aircraft were produced. It is still a fascinating part of aviation history, and people remember it for its unique style and reasonable price.

How Did Dubai Become A Supercar Graveyard?

Every year, airports and parking lots all around the United Arab Emirates are filled with supercars such as a limited edition Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys, Nissan Skylines, and even a Honda NSX. Most major cities have to deal with challenges like unemployment, crime, and housing, but Dubai has to deal with an epidemic of […]

Strother MacMinn’s LeMans Coupe was Restored

One-of-a-kind vintage vehicle, the Strother MacMinn LeMans Coupe has won the hearts of auto aficionados all over the world. This distinctive coupe was created by automobile designer Strother MacMinn and was modeled after the slick, aerodynamic race cars that took part in the illustrious 24 Hours of LeMans endurance competition.

The Norman E. 1948 Timbs Streamliner Rised from the Ashes

After his home and his collection of 76 unique and rare custom cars, race cars, and other vehicles were destroyed by the Woolsey fire that tore through parts of Malibu in November 2018, Gary Cerveny decided to save just four: two Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts, a belly tanker with sentimental value rather than monetary value, and the 1948 Timbs streamliner.

Restoration of Austin Healey Holey

Austin Healey 100 chassis BN1-223926 left Longbridge in 1955. (two weeks after BN1-222490, which later became the Ward Special). The blue Healey was sent to UK Motors in Brisbane. In the mid-1980s, Bob Whittred found the car’s remnants in a paddock near Ballina, NSW, where it had languished for many years after an apparently deadly […]

Last Decade Muscle Car Barn Finds

However, the term “barn find” is misleading because anything ancient and neglected impacts condition and value; the more undisturbed and original, the better. This fortunate discovery is not limited to US gearheads; there have been other high-profile cases of long-abandoned vehicles, including the excavation of a stolen Ferrari Dino GT, demonstrating that “lost” vehicles can […]

These Muscle Car Junkyard Make You Insanely Cool

So many masterpieces are gathered in one place! You’d think that by now, Muscle Car Junkyard from coast to coast would have been emptied of all the priceless antique cars, especially muscle cars. However, the US is a big nation with numerous regions where there are more cows or forests than people. That gets us […]

Missouri’s Biggest Mopar Hoard Is Filled With Rare HEMI Classics

It’s not very rare to find many vintage vehicles from the same automaker in one location. If you frequently visit car fairs or junkyards, it occurs pretty frequently. But it’s extremely uncommon to find a sizable collection of Mopars that includes numerous really rare HEMI automobiles. You’re about to witness one.